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Froozen Cub

To end the series, here is a great big bear hug.  I hope you enjoyed the series, and comments are as always welcome.


Froozen Cup

These were the cups that they were serving alcohol.  I added a few colors and a gradiant map, and enjoy your drink and see what comes tomorrow.

Fire and Ice

Here is the suprise… I choose to add a fire in the middle of the cold spell.  Warm your hands by the fire and wait for the last two.

Tiki in Ice

An ice tiki, taken on the same night as the ice diamond.  I liked the details in the face and on the tree by it.  I changed the color and left it mustly unedited.

Cold Love

The first in a series of five.  This one is of an ice scuplture in the shape of a diamond ring.  I choose the day to be valentines to start this series, I hope you enjoy it and wait for the surprise image I have in store for you.

Arch Set

I hope you enjoyed my tour around the Mayo area.  This is the end of the set and will be working on another set for all of y’all.  Keep your eyes open for all the updates I have to bring to you.
(there is no before on this one, I was having a view upload issues)

Kahler Stained Glass

This one is hard to tell what I did to it. However I did, and this is an inside window at the hotel, not sure why thy made an inside window but the better for me to take pictures of!